MyLivePRO is the #1 USA Provider of Managed Live Chat Solutions and Live Chat Services to Small and Mid-sized Businesses. Here's Why:

Getting Live Chat Software and placing a live chat button on your site is just the beginning; You also need Professional, Knowledgeable and Friendly Live Chat Agents who are Especially trained to handle Live Chat requests during normal and extended hours. That's where we come in.

We provide both the Live Chat Technology AND a USA-based workforce of Live Chat Business Professionals in one turn-key solution.

As the Leading Authority on Live Chat Best Practices, we work with your Company to:

  • Provide an Instant Boost Online Conversions and Customer Service Satisfaction - No one Does Live Chat Better! (see below)
  • Offer the Absolute BEST in Knowledgeable and Friendly Live Chat Service to your Potential and Existing Customers
  • Monitor your Website for Content Changes and Errors as part of our Exclusive "Continuous Live Chat Improvement Cycle" ®.
  • Make it Easy by Training and Managing Ourselves under the Control and Guidance of our Clients
  • Provide "LIVE" website, so You Can Stop Missing Valuable Online Opportunities

Our Managed Live Chat Services are conducted with quality and conversions in mind. Our certified US-Based Team of Professional Live Chat Agents are trained in up-sell and cross-sell while delivering Legendary Customer Services to your visitors. So, while we help build trust and improve your customer service, we also increase conversions and average order size. Click here to see the Savings of Not Running Live Chat Software Yourself !

Key Managed Live Chat Facts:

  • Visitors who chat with are team are 3 times more likely to buy, and their average order sizes are 35% higher than non-chatters.
  • Visitors who Chat with our Live Chat Agents are twice as likely to return to your website within a day
  • In 2014, our post-Chat surveys revealed an overall satisfaction rate of 4.9 our of 5 stars.
  • Almost two in 10 live chat respondents did more than 75% of their holiday shopping online, compared with 14% of those who did not chat. A further 25% of chatters made 51% to 75% of their purchases on the Web, versus just 10% of those who did not participate in the chat service.
  • Companies are in constant pursuit to find ways to satisfy customers while reducing costs and growing revenue. Live chat helps firms accomplish all three of these key objectives.
  • Want to learn more? Contact Us Today!

Our Managed Live Chat plans are flexible enough to allow you to add a Full Team of Professional Live Chat Agents to your existing Website for much less that the cost of hiring a full-timer to respond to Web leads.


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Did You Know...

"...Online Prospects who chat with our MyLivePRO Live Chat Team are more likely to purchase at a HIGHER level?

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